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Should taking generic Zoloft be of any concern?

The intake of generic Zoloft has always been an issue ever since Pfizer developed the drug in 2003. Zoloft is the most prescribed antidepressant today, so it is not surprising that it already has generic versions. But many people are still very concerned regarding the use of generic Zoloft. After all, generic drugs are merely copies of the original and branded medication, and no studies have proven that they are as effective as the real merchandise. However, likewise, no studies have also said that generics are inferior products, although many people are inclined to think so. In any case, while generic Zoloft is currently easily accessible, many people are still debating whether or not to get the generic version or the branded medicine.

So with the issue unsettled, how can anyone determine whether or not to get generic Zoloft? And also, what are the other issues that concern generic Zoloft?

Why people take generic Zoloft

Price is the most common reason why people choose generic Zoloft over the brand-name drug. However, the factors that help people decide are not limited to the financial factors. Of course, one of the reasons why people take generic drugs (not just generic Zoloft) is because many people have relied on generics and are continuing to rely on generic drugs. It doesn’t help that the price of medication can be sometimes too much for the ordinary citizen. And, unfortunately, not all types of medications can be covered by insurance. For example, a number of health insurances do not include mental ailments among the medical conditions they cover. Sometimes, the exclusion of medical ailments in an insurance policy is due to the oversight of the policy holder. Many individuals assume that they will not suffer from such ailments and, in the case they do experience it, they do not medication. And since this is not the case, they are on their own when it comes to buying antidepressants. When this happens, many rely on generics, which are cheaper.


Another overlooked factor which a lot of informed individuals consider is the outlook of other countries when it comes to generic drugs such as generic Zoloft. For example, countries like India are top manufacturers of generic drugs, so it is only natural that a number of people from this country consume generic drugs instead of brand-name medication. Also, the government of developing countries even suggests the use of generic drugs, since majority of the citizens of these nations cannot afford medication. It also helps that a number of doctors and medical professionals in the country even suggest the use of generic drugs such as generic Zoloft to their patients. And more often than not, it is the patient who is apprehensive to try generic medication. People normally look down on generics as an inferior product. This perception is normal; after all, generics are merely copies. However, some people do not have a choice with regards to this matter. Therefore, products such as generic Zoloft are very useful alternatives to brand-name Zoloft.

Carry-over concern

Of course, generic drugs should meet the requirement mandated by the Food and Drug Authority. This requirement merely states that a generic drug (for example, generic Zoloft) should have the same pharcokinetics as the brand-name medication. This means a generic drug should have the same active ingredient and formulation, which in turn should produce the same effects as the original medication. In the case of Zoloft, the generic Zoloft should be no less effective in treating depression and other ailments. Basically, this also means that generic Zoloft has the same side effects as the original product. Again, this is because they have the same ingredients and formulation; they should have no comparable differences, side effects included. Unfortunately, this is also means anyone taking generic Zoloft should also take note of the following precautions, which originally apply to the brand-name product:

Zoloft, regardless if generic or not, should not be taken by anyone susceptible to seizures. This antidepressant lowers the body’s seizure threshold, making seizures likely if the patient has problems related to seizures. However, anyone else should not worry; seizure chances are very rare (less than one percent) among those not suffering from related ailments.

Zoloft is not intended to treat bipolar disorder. Therefore, anyone suffering from the said ailment should not use Zoloft, generic or branded. Using Zoloft with monoamine oxidase inhibitors can produce fatal reactions. The same goes for using Zoloft, whether generic or not, with sibutramine and pimozide. Of course, just like any type of medication, generic Zoloft, just like the branded Zoloft, is safe and effective if used properly and according to the doctor’s orders.